Sunday, 5 May 2013

Contemporary wedding images for wall art

Weddings are wonderful life events. They bring together families both far flung and familiar, friends that see each other every weekend and havent seen each other since high school, college whenever.depending on the couple that can place a strain on the photographer. Formals and family groups are important but cant go on for ages; reportage captures the day, but not everyone appreciates sometimes not being warned about the shot. It is all about providing what the couple want, while having your own style.

A mix of formal and informal, casual and formal, with the necessary amount of posing can give a lifetime of fond memories. I do not subscribe to the "just take some pictures, get what you can" school of reportage, but I do like to work with a second shooter who can capture a stolen kiss or quiet moment from a discrete distance. Neither do I like to be a bully, taking over a bride's day. For me the couple should be relaxed, happy, enjoy the photographic experience as part of the overall day and be left with images to treasure. And I believe those images should include some formal, some casual, some posed and some captured. I also like to get one or two images which will look good on a wall. not everyone will want to hang a large image in a piblic space in their home, less so if it is a stiffly posed, traditional wedding photograph.

The correct image can make for stunning wall art, a fantastic reminder of a special day, while being contemporary and adding to a home. This image, taken at Providence, near Nottingham Road, is one of my favourite examples.


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