Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Winter Weddings in Scotland

Photographers are obsessed with light and so they should be, but they do complain about it constantly; too much, not enough, in the wrong place, wrong colour. In Scotland we are blessed with beautiful long summer evenings (sometimes, one or two) and I have shot late into the evening in July under only natural light. The flip side of that is winter weddings. More and more couples are choosing to be married in December and January, for a whole host of reasons. Natural light is at a premium, with the sun setting as early as 3.30pm.  Understanding how to overcome prevailing conditions - harsh sun light, fluorescent or tungsten indoors, a heavily shadowed doorway - is what makes a competent photographer, the minmum one would expect from a paid professional contracted to provide a service. The manipulation of light is what creates that stunning image. It is that subtle alteration or addition that a dedicated artist adds.

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