Monday, 9 September 2013

Stylishly Sexy Boudoir by Sandra Keddie Photography

I am delighted to finally offer Stylish and Sexy Boudoir as part of the studio offering at Sandra Keddie Photography. Until now, I have only ever provided Boudoir photography when I have been asked to, but every time I have done so, my clients have been overwhelmed with the result. I have even been told that my Boudoir sessions are better than therapy for that "feel good" factor!

I believe that every woman is entitled to feel good about herself, and how better to do this than with a professional hair and make-up session to start, a glass of something chilled and sparkling, and images that show a side of you that you may never have seen before.

Boudoir photography, for me, is the art of the implied. Everything should be suggested, left to the imagination of the observer. That does not mean this is fakery, far from it. It involves taking you, a beautiful woman and exaggerating your best attributes with subtle lighting and a suggestive pose that is not revealing ( or not too revealing at least). Props such as chiffon, feather boas and pearls add and distract, creating an image that is stylish and sexy, never smutty or sleazy.

Whether these images are created just for you, or for that special someone, isn't it a fabulous thing to be able to keep this memory of how we are, stylish and sexy!

Ladies, I look forward to hearing from you!!

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